Thursday, October 22, 2009

Long time no blog :D

Well here i am sitting in english watch my friend beside me play tankwars when a friendly blogger-addict reminds me to blog.
Aand i just got called a homo by tee ==
so not cool .

Friday, May 8, 2009

Im Back!!


Been to Camp Taurewa!!
that was baddddddddddassssss
ok ill recap of my time there
First day..monday

Woke up at 5 am and got everything ready for camp
got to school and everyone was there waiting for the bus to come
Once on it we took ages and went to the waitomo caves
its the home of glow worms xD

when we got to the camp it was like WTF
whys its so small and old
we got assignd to cabin 2 /w luke,ryan,john,robbie and liam

5 mins into the cabin
we established the "food Shelf"
we all put all our food and shit into it for the final nyt to snack on

our cabin is the gayest of all
guess what we talkd about until 2 in the morning??
haha soo gay
in the middle of the nyt
ryan goes UP 2 loud as and wakes everyone up

2nd day..Tuesday
we went hiking up tongiriro mountain
it was so fuking harddd
legs were fuking aching after that
8 hours man!
went dead that nyt ae
First Shower nty
but just before we went to bed
miss galorboras came in with LORANCE and ryan got moved to the other cabin cuz he woke everyone up yesterday .julian had to move into our cabin and everyone gave him a hard time haha

3rd day .. wednesday
we went mountain biking!!
omg that was so fun!!
aniva ur a downie for not coming to camp
we were like going down hill so ffaassssttttt
and there were like ditches everywhere so heapz of pple fell off
..i fell into a flax bush and cut my face
meiji doesnt know what the brakes and and goes into the bushes on every corner
well over one ditch ryan bailed and went flying, robbie watches then bails aswell in the same place
we rode until these caves in the middle of nowhere
then we climbd down it and went downstream until we reached this special cave
the story was there was this moari guy and he fell in love with a white girl a few hundred years ago
and in that time no mixed races could interact
the moari guy discoverd the cave and ran off with the girl to this cave and made love to her
this was the point of no return
one day when the moari guy was out hunting there was a flash flood and the whole cave was filld with water and the girl drowned and was spewt away
when the moari guy came back to the cave entrance, it was filld with water and it took atlease 3days to clear away
when he went back down after a week
nothing was there and his love was gone
with nothing left
sad ae
then we had to find our own way out of the caves
that was cool xD
Later that nyt we went to hot pools
OMFG that was soooooooooooooooooooo nice
water was so good
ohhhhhhh so nice
had the best sleep ever that nyt

4th day..Thursday
Last day!!
YEEAAHHH miss G allows ryan to move back into our cabin
and its party nyt so we gna snack on all our food shelf
we get ready to go to ruaphu to play with snow
but on the way there, the road is closed and we couldnt go up but we stopd at the museum place thing and watchd volcanoes explod!
then we went to the te kooti place where he built a fort for a war.
the site was tapu so u had to fling water behind us when we left
then finally the stream walk
Its was soo cold ae
water went up to my nuts man
and it was freezing them off
dude not cool so cold
but me and briege navigated around most rocks that people fall on cz we ninja!!!
but john is not
he had the fuking meanest fall ever!!!
haha then we played a mean game of MAFIA
CBF explaining the rules
then when we got back to our cabin..
some1 had sneakd in and stole everything
we went on a rampage man
we rippd through the guys cabin and rushd into the 2nd girls cabins but found nothing
we were fuming with anger
we had so many suspicions /w those who left during the mafia game
we decided to go raiding at 3am to find our stash of food
john,luke,robbie and me ninja'd outside and went to the girls cabins to search it again
sounds like we're rapists
found nothing...
then we decided to let miss handle it and suspend that person who took our food
like at 4:30
i heard some voices and stuff chuckd on the floor outside
but i was sleepy and droopd off
At 600 i woke up to see taylor saying our stash of food was outside

guess what...
the moari fucking stole our food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, April 20, 2009


didnt post yesterday cz i cbf

well yesterday as meannn
went internet cafe with kelvin,ben and ravji(taylor)
and playd cs. warcraft ect
and it was kelvin and ben vs me and ravji

we got owned ae
it was 14-4 to them
that was gay
then saw sefo there with his friends.
then nicky and terry came and we playd pudge wars with them
haha that was fun
but got owned by nicky
he owned us in everything
fucking pro ae

after that
walking home...
took ages
ate dinner then playd WoW
over the past week ive been addicted to that game
but its soooo fun

well todae was not fun
woke up at 2am to watch Man U's game against everton..
no rooney and ronaldo = Man U's epic fail
they lost 4-2 in shoot outs.
haha slept again until round 10 then ravji rang me to go on wow again
wanna go sleep homo!

well thats all
except kayla now has no life because you are reading this right this


Saturday, April 18, 2009

WoW Adventures xD

todae was gayy in the morning ae.
had to go chinese school...

then came home and played wow
playd with ravji and helpd him lvl to 70
i lvld to 70 first


so thats todae..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Normal day

todae was pretty normal ae

-got up

-brushed teeth

-watched ben 10

-muckd round

-watchd porn xD

-ate lunch

-watched some more

and yeah.....
pretty normal dae

will write more another day

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


havent been posting for a few days now and now ill tell u what ive been doing

Done some of this..

And this..

Ravji started playing WoW so i joined in and we PArTyD
yeahhh boii
he thought he could kill me but i kickd his ass
Wasted him with a rouge
and my mage

too bad u cant yake ur pants off in this game or pratik would want to play...
might keep u updated.....or not

Thursday, April 9, 2009


SCHOOLS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

todae was pretty gay lol
Some noob started the fire alarm in form class
but that was alguds cz we didnt like kepple talking about shit anyways

Went to graphics and learnt how to draw a circle in a ae
went to english and had to present this research thing..
i did shit but everyone cheerd anywaez

went around with robbie at interval but found JC,john,melanie and aniva at the library so we went in to join them cz we like books ae
john and melanie were studying but aniva was reading this cooking book
i asked her to make a chocolate cake but all of the sudden her mixer was broken...

Went maths and had another FUCKING gay test
haha ashley had nothing to do so he ripped a massive hole in the curtain
nic joined in and then there were 2 massive holes in the curtain
went lunch...
robbie the boldy ditched me and i had to go canteen alone
whata fagg ae
lol jkkss
dam! the chicken burger was good ae
so nice and tender xD
then we found a spray can and ickey had a lighter so we set alight a noodles cup
.... it was MEAAANNNN
Then it started raining and hailing baddd
like 15 of us jumpd under the tree and then it got intense so we all gappd towards the library.
all the people inside were like WTF!!!
then some faggit set off the fire alarm again and i was like
so we had to line up on the field in the freezing cold rain...
i had some special stuff in my bag that i didnt want to get wet so i put my bag on under my jumper and it kept ma shit dry but then i lookd like a faggit hunchback but that was algoods

afta that.......
I had visual Media. we were watchn jarassic park
that was fun xD.i had mikaylas jumper for warmth xD shotz!!!
then we went back to kepples room for science
that was too gay to mention

so todae was pretty sweeeet ae

oh yeah also i have a body gaurd
yeahhh boii
im his king and hes ma bitchhh!!!!!!
aussies are so useful ae
haha jkksss

latrz xD